Meet the team

Who we are

Victoria Bryant, MA, MCIfA, FSA | Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service

Victoria has over 30 years' experience as an archaeologist. For the last 5 years she has managed the Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service in the journey from a primarily local government-funded organisation to one with a greatly increased commercial focus.

Lisa Snook, PhD, RMARA | Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service

Lisa leads a team providing access to and expert advice on the collections on-site and remotely, with specialists in archival research and guidance, customer engagement and accessibility. She is active in a range of regional and national organisations.

Adrian Gregson, PhD, RMARA | Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service

With 30 years’ experience in archive and records management, Adrian leads a team who ensure the long-term preservation of the archive collections, with specialists in collections management practice, archive digitisation and conservation.

Emma Hancox, MA, MCIfA | Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service

Emma leads a team providing advice and information on the historic environment and archaeology of Worcestershire, with specialists in developing strategic projects, data standards, archaeological planning, green infrastructure, neighbourhood planning and more.

Paul Hudson, MSc, MCLIP | Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service

Paul leads a team developing history-based events and activities for the service, developers, local communities and schools, with specialists in promotion and communications, special events, working with cultural and community partners and developers.

Simon Woodiwiss, BA, MCIfA | Worcestershire Archive & Archaeology Service

Simon leads Worcestershire Archaeology, a well-established contracting team operating across the West Midlands and beyond. Worcestershire Archaeology includes specialists in excavation and post-excavation, building recording, artefacts and environmental analysis and illustration.