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    Posts from November 2016

    • 25th November 2016
    Explore Your Archive: An 1850 Stourbridge Circus

    Philip Astley was credited with being the ‘father’ of the modern circus when he opened the first circus in 1768 in England . Early circuses were almost exclusively demonstrations of equestrian skills with a few other types of acts to link the horsemanship performances. Circus performances today are still held in a ring usually 13 m...

    • 25th November 2016
    Charles R Davies, hairdresser – an update

    On Twitter on Tuesday we showed an advert from 1869 for Charles R Davies at 80 High Street, Worcester. A few people asked whether we knew any more about him so we had a look. We have found very little. Checking the census the only match appears to be a Charles Rowland Davies born in...

    • 24th November 2016
    Explore Your Archive: First Vehicle Registered in Worcestershire

    After the 1903 Act, it became mandatory to register motor vehicles with the County Council or Borough in which the driver was resident. Each City and County, and some Boroughs were allocated registrations that consisted of one or two letters to which a number could be added. The first registration issued in Worcestershire was AB...

    • 24th November 2016
    Thanksgiving Day

    Happy Thanksgiving Day to all our American friends! The first Thanksgiving is said to have taken place in 1621, when 90 Native Americans and 53 Pilgrims, including two Worcestershire men, ate together at Plymouth Colony to celebrate a successful harvest. The event was described by Edward Winslow, one of the men who travelled on the...

    • 23rd November 2016
    Explore Your Archive: A Day at the Archives

    Our Learning and Outreach team have been busy giving a behind the scenes tour as part of Explore Your Archive week. For those not able to undertake the tour, here is an idea of some of the things that happen on a day at the archives Our Conservator has been working on some 1853 Quarter...

    • 22nd November 2016
    Explore Your Archive: Sir John Pakington and the Purchase of Wigs

    The word wigs comes from “periwigs” which was the name of the particular long, curly wigs that became popular after Charles II was returned to the throne in 1660. They were used to simulate real hair and primarily used for adornment. However at the time, head lice were everywhere, and nitpicking was painful and time-consuming. Wigs stopped lice infesting...