Posts from February 2014

    • 28th February 2014
    Treasures from Worcestershire’s Past: ~14~ The Devil’s Spadeful

    While checking our local history references books I came across a bound poem, written in Bewdley in 1839 by George Griffith its title ‘The Devil’s Spadeful’ rang a bell. Between Kidderminster and Bewdley is a large area of heath and woodland called the Rifle Range, which is used by scouts, horse riders and walkers and was a...

    • 25th February 2014
    Manorial Documents Register Project Update February 2014

    Today we bring you an update post from Bethany Hamblen, Manorial Documents Register Project Archivist: This month, it’s back to basics as we begin to look at what a manor actually was, what it did, and how historians believe the manor changed over time.  Future posts will go into greater detail about the manor’s physical...