Live illustration event

    • 21st June 2013

    On Thursday 27th June you’ll be able to see one of our archaeological illustrators at work in The Hive. These members of staff usually work out of public sight, and you normally only see the finished results on interpretation boards or in archaeological reports. They draw artefacts found on sites, reconstruct objects from what was found, and try to recreate what places may have looked like from the archaeological and historical evidence.

    Specialist Stuart Blaylock and illustrator Laura Templeton examining the fragments of casting mould before illustration begins

    On the 27th  between 10am-4pm Laura Templeton will be on level 2 in The Hive drawing two cauldrons and a skillet. They were found on the site of the Hive during excavations and have dated to the 18th century. If you are in The Hive that day you can pop up and see how she is getting on and get an insight into the process of brining the past to life.

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