Video tour at The Hive… part one

    • 10th April 2012

    We’re back with another of our video tours. This time we are taking you around the new strongrooms at The Hive. You will see that the shelves have now been filled, although there is still plenty of work for us to do to get them all in order and ready for when we open in the summer.

    This is the first of our video tours at The Hive and we’ll be back soon with another one to show you around our new searchroom and public areas.

    Don’t forget to leave us a comment if there is anything you would like to see here on the blog!

    Music supplied by:

    light banjo (Alastair Cameron) / CC BY 3.0

    One response to “Video tour at The Hive… part one”

    1. Roger Leake says:

      Thanks for the video-tour Su.

      It is good to see real archive-boxes and the tithe-map bags after all these months. Withdrawal symptoms have set in …….. I can't wait for the Grand Opening in July!