Our new searchroom is starting to take shape

    • 10th March 2012

    All of the contents of our searchroom at the County Hall branch have now moved and are being shelved in their new locations at The Hive. We are starting to see the searchroom taking shape and are a step closer to being ready to welcome our first customers in the summer.  

    Here are some before and after photographs of the move:


    The library books being removed at County Hall

    Our General Index being removed – the removal men were instructed to be very careful with them!


    Our General Index in its new location at The Hive.

    The Index is now located opposite our new desk and there is a table for people to sit at whilst searching through it

    Our Draft Guide is now in place too. This will be relabelled before we open so that it is easy to find the collection you are looking for.

    Our History Centre branch will be joining us at The Hive in April, so we will have a lot more finding aids to add to the shelves then. We will be working to merge all of these so that we have one, up-to-date and easy to use set.

    2 responses to “Our new searchroom is starting to take shape”

    1. Roger Leake says:

      This looks great!

      Good progress – another goal achieved.

      Well done.

      See you in July!

    2. We're glad to hear you like the look of it so far, Roger. There's still a long way to go but it's nice to see some familiar items being put into place – it makes it feel a bit more like home now.