Preparing to move into The Hive

    • 16th December 2011

    In February the removal trucks will arrive and our collections will finally start making the move to their new home at The Hive. We have an awful lot of work to do before then to make sure that everything is ready so that it all goes off without a hitch (we’ll keep our fingers crossed anyway!).

    Newly installed mobile shelving in one of our strongrooms at The Hive.

    One of the important jobs that needs doing is that of labelling the new shelves at The Hive. Mobile shelving has now been installed in each of the seven new strongrooms. Lisa and Maggie have been busy recently visiting them to label each of the shelves. This is important for a number of reasons: firstly, it will enable us to tell the removal companies exactly where to put the boxes they are moving; and secondly, it will enable staff to locate the boxes our customers are ordering when we reopen to the public next July.

    Maggie checking the proposed system for numbering the strongroom shelves

    As you can see from the photographs, Maggie and Lisa are having to wear hard hats and high-visibility jackets, as there is still building work taking place at the moment and it is important to keep safe. We are thrilled to see our strongrooms taking shape; and now that we are close to our moving date we are excited and nervous in equal parts!

    Lisa adding labels to the new shelves

    We will keep you posted with more photographs from inside The Hive when we start moving in.

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